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The   added   problem   was   that   removing   them   tampered   with   the   integrity   of   the   home   or   building’s exterior   such   as   holes   and   cracks.   Then   we   either   had   to   patch   them,   causing   MORE   time   and effort,   or   left   them,   exposing   the   building   structure   to   the   outside   elements.   Then   the   structure   was at risk of damage by decay, corrosion, and rust, which we knew could be very unsightly.
Yes,    hanging    decorations    is    definitely    a    time-consuming    effort    and    sometimes    left    us thinking,   “is   it   really   worth   it”   to   have   to   do   this   year   after   year.   We   always   wondered   if   there was a better way. And there was! It was at that time that my husband invented “ConcealaHook”
“It’s not about ideas, It’s about making ideas happen” -Scott Belsky-
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As    property    owners,    we    struggled    for    years    with    the    annual daunting   task   of   hanging   holiday   decorations   on   our   home   and business.    While    we    and    our    family    loved    the    end    results,    we dreaded    the    not-so    easy    process    of    affixing    “the    right”    nails, staples,   and/or   hooks   to   a   structure,   only   to   later   endure   the   even more difficult effort to remove them.