Wood-Heavy    Concealahook    is    intended    for    use    in    heavier    weight applications   such   as   hanging   purses   under   bars,   street   banners,   tools, ladders,   heavy   wood   style   restaurant   structures   such   as   wood   columns and post. [ How to use in Concrete Application]
Metal-Heavy   Concealahook   was   design   with   the   same   concept   as   the Wood-Lite    but    for    metal    in    order    to    meet    a    growing    demand    for restaurant   clients,   specialy   for   ladies   to   hang   their   purses.   See   gallery section for a picture of how this is implemented. [ How to use in Stucco Application]
Wood-Ball     Concealahook     is     a     decorative     version     of     Wood-Lite Concealahookwas   with   a   brass   or   aluminum   ½   inch   ball.   It   also   can   be used   to   hang   light   weigth   items   in   wood   material.   Ideal   for   a   more flashy   temporary   or   permanent   hanging   way   for   keys,   jewelry,   and other decorations.
Wood-Lite   Concealahook   was   invented   and   designed   for   hanging   light weigth   objects   in   wood   material   such   as   soft   pine,   hard   woods,   and particle    boards    with    a    thickness    ⅜    or    greater.    Ideal    for    temporary decorations   such   Christmas   lights,   Halloween   objects,   sport   banners, etc.
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