Concealahook   Pub   Table   “Purse   Hooks”   are   very   convenient   for the ladies. -Mike / Owner/ Head Chief Marty’s Bar & Grill, Tustin , CA
The    Village    Inn    has    a    history    rich    in    community.    As Newport     Beach's     premier     dining     and     entertainment establishment   the   VI   has   touched   generations   of   locals and   tourists   alike   and   commits   to   maintaining   a   feeling   of comfort   and   approachability   reminiscent   of   its   small   town affiliation. - The Owners: (Daniel and Jessica Miller)    Village Inn, Balboa Island, CA
Newport Landing Restaurant is Newport Beach. Located   on   the   waterfront   overlooking   the   historic Balboa   Ferry   with   a   panoramic   view   of   Newport Harbor,   Balboa   Island,   Newport   Center,   and   the distant peaks of Saddleback. -David Salisbury/Owner Newport Beach
The   Concealahooks   that   were   installed   around   my restaurant   created   a   convenient   and   versatile      way   to decorate   throughout   the   year,   without   damaging   the walls and shelves. -Maribel Avila/Owner Avila’s El Ranchito, Corona Del Mar, CA
The    installation    of    over    290    Concealahooks have     made     decorating     our     restaurant     a pleasure   and   let   us   do   it   in   a   fraction   of   the time. -Karen/Mgr Avila’s El Ranchito, Santa Ana, CA
Participating Restaurants with CONCEALAHOOK
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Betty/ “Best Tortilla Maker”
Avila’s El Ranchito, Santa Ana CA
Avila’s El Ranchito, Corona Del Mar, CA
Marty’s Bar & Grill, Tustin , CA
The Winnery, Irvine, CA
JC    Clow,    Founder    and    Managing    Partner    of    The    Winery    Restaurant,    gained    much experience   serving   as   General   Manager   of   Sostanza   Trattoria   in   West   Los   Angeles   and St.   Mark's   Grill   &   Supper   Club   in   Venice   Beach,   but   it   was   his   12   years   at   Morton's   of Chicago   in   South   Coast   Metro   district   that   shaped   and   defined   his   management   style   and skills.
- JC Clow, Founder & Managing Partner
- William Lewis, Sommelier
- Yvon Goetz, Executive Chef